"Every role is a challenge. I want to keep doing everything I want to try to do things that aren’t similar to one another."

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Favourite Stefan outfits - requested by paulyswesley

make me choose: ohalexandrachando asked me katherine pierce or caroline forbes

“This is a girl who walks in the door and she’s ready. She’s a natural. She knows what she’s doing. We haven’t even begun to tap into what’s in there. I don’t know that we ever will on this show. It might be a movie in 10 years from now that taps her true ability,” Kevin Williamson,about Nina Dobrev acting skills.

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Ygritte + hair —  I loved a maid as red as autumn, with sunset in her hair.
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If blood is your desire, blood shall flow.

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TVD characters + MBTI
• Bonnie Bennett → ISFP “The Artist”
"Gentle, kind, sensitive, and sympathetic to others. They’re likely to have a true appreciation for the beauties of nature


make me choose: elena gilbert or and caroline forbes

“‘Cause we’re freaky like that.”

Game of Thrones meme: two creatures - [1/2] 
↳ Dragons

"If you want to conquer the world you’d best have dragons

Game of Thrones, 4.02 | The Lion And The Rose

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